Visit these five incredible destinations in the Middle East for a low price flying with Emirates

Emirates is the world’s fourth largest airline and the largest airline in the Middle East. It is based out of the beautiful Dubai international airport and has flights to over 148 cities around the world. Emirates is known for having the newest fleet of planes in the world, as they are always investing in the newest aviation technologies before any other airlines. This allows Emirates to offer world class in-flight entertainment, unparalleled comfort, and incredibly diligent service to its customers.

Emirates has flights from the U.K. to many top destinations in the Middle East with convenient daily flights departing from London Gatwick, London Heathrow, Birmingham, Glasgow, Manchester, and Newcastle airports. This makes it very convenient and cost effective for anyone in the U.K. to visit some of the most popular and spectacular travel destinations in the Middle East while enjoying all the comforts that Emirates has to offer its customers. Here is a list of the top 5 destinations in the Middle East to travel to.


✈ Cairo, Egypt

Emirates - Cairo (Egypt)

Egypt has always been a top destination for tourism in the Middle East. It is a must see in anyone’s lifetime. The beautiful downtown core reminds you of Paris, while the spectacularly complex Giza Pyramids will leave you mouth wide open in utter astonishment. With a beautiful setting on the Nile river, which creates beautiful vistas, Egypt is sure to make you fall in love. Egypt is also home to the most important antiquities and history museums in the world, which house a stunning display of ancient Egyptian artifacts.


✈ Dubai, UAE

Emirates - Dubai (UAE)

Dubai is the jewel of the Middle East. This ultra-modern city city of the future already exists in a spectacular form. Everything is bigger and more intricate in Dubai. It’s quickly become the most important great modern metropolis in the world. Dubai has the most luxurious hotels in the world, some topping 5 stars. Dubai has created its own unique version of luxury unparalleled anywhere else in the world. Traveling to Dubai is like being able to experience the future, right now.


✈ Jerusalem, Israel

Emirates - Jerusalem (Israel)

This enchanting ancient city has a history that dates back over 3000 years. It is the historical center for the three great monotheistic religions of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Even if you are not religious or follow another religion, this city has undeniable character and history. It’s easy to get lost in the maze of ancient streets full of amazing architecture and bazaars.


✈ Doha, Qatar

Emirates - Doha (Qatar)

Doha is a quickly emerging modern metropolis that is sometimes said to be the next Dubai. Modernism is key here as well, the city is lined with spectacular modern architecture and world class attractions. A man made island houses the spectacular Museum of Islamic Arts for those art history buffs. The city is also a shoppers paradise, containing some of the best shopping malls in the world. This is a multicultural place that many expatriates call home, and it makes a lot of sense once you take a flight to this majestic city.


✈ Abu Dhabi, UAE

Emirates - Abu Dhabi

Adu Dhabi is the capital of the UAE and is quickly becoming the number one cultural capital of the Middle East. Plans are underway to build new homes for the Louvre and Guggenheim museums in Abu Dhabi. This will bridge the gap between Eastern and Western art in the Middle East. The city is set on a an array of beautiful islands each containing some of the highest buildings you will ever see as well as some of the worlds largest mosques that can be visited by non-Muslims. A flight to Abu Dhabi via Emirates is definitely one of the best ways to experience the spectacular Middle East.